All items are handmade with passion


illus' take on craftsmenship

We love beautiful things,  ​we think local,                     

  ​and we believe that the best things are ​crafted by hand.


Designed for the present, with a nod to the past. 

Handcrafted in Belgium with loads of passion.     

The result makes every object unique

In our stance on sustainability we create objects who’s design is timeless, and who’s materials are durable. 
Even In the packaging process we strive to use recyclable materials. The collection is packed in linen bags of which we hope you re-use them in many ways.

Join us for a visit to the production ateliers

  The result of this hard work: Poetry for your home


Simple yet sophisticated, blending in both modern and classic interiors. The illus-mirrors are the finishing touch to your bathroom and other livingspaces.


 Beautiful and practical at the same time. Minimal objects for every day use. Handmade in Belgium.

Architectural Hardware

A handle holds a lot of poetry, it’s one of the most touched objects in our homes, yet we don’t acknowledge them all too much. It’s a tactile object, which can be able to share a message if you pay it attention. Bringing our muses to life in a tangible object is as creative as the art itself.


About Illus


Inerior designer Julie, from Atelier 10.8, often lacked finding beautiful mirrors and accessories for the interior projects. It led to the idea of Illus,

Where the love for minimalistic design is combined with a passion for craftmanship. Illus started off with a collection of mirrors, but expanded in the meanwhile with more objects for every day use. The name Illus is derived from the word illusion : clever objects can create illusions of light and space.

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