Is it an illusion ?


Georgette is the first mirror of the Illus Collection. 

Nostalgic details make it romantic yet classic. 

        The Georgette mirror is delivered with an old-pink candle 

                                                    and a glass tube for a flower or greens.


Aged Brass

  • Aged Brass

Dimensions 42,5 x 30 x 12 cm

Easy to attach with the device delivered

Georgette is shining in one of Belgiums most beautiful hotels -
The botanic Santuary

We are very proud that we had the chance to deliver a Georgette in every public bathroom - the flower artist of the hotel looks for beautiful greens in the vases and they have their aromatic oil in the vases.

Georgette in its surroundings, with a flower or vase

The name Georgette ...

All our mirrors are named after muses                      of famous artists

Georgette Berger 

was the Muse 


René Magritte

a surrealistic painter

Our inspiration for illus

We are inspired by art

This Self-portrait of Jannis Kounellis makes us smile. Is Jannis looking in a Georgette?


Simple yet sophisticated, blending in both modern and classic interiors. The illus-mirrors are the finishing touch to your bathroom and other livingspaces. Our  mirrors create a collected room, not just a decorated one.


Beautiful and practical at the same time. Minimal objects for every day use. Handmade in Belgium.

Architectural Hardware

Let the poetry flow from one space to the next, by adding some timeless beauty to your doors