Door Handle Round Rose

Available dimensions:

DH 90 14 RR | length 90 mm diam 14 mm

DH 115 14 RR | length 115 mm diam 14 mm

DH 115 16 RR | length 115 mm diam 16 mm

Available Materials: 

Aged Brass Waxed

Aged Brass Varnished

Dark Brass Varnished


Tech specs:

All doorhandles are deliverd with a doorpin 8 x 8 mm, If other needed, please contact us. If not installed by a professional, you can ask us for installation - instructions. The Aged Brass Waxed version has a light patina: a golden undertone. When using is, the patina will gets a deeper finish. The more you touch it, the lighter the handle becomes. If you prefer all your handles to keep the same patina or to stay dark, then we advise you to take the varnished version. 

The doorhandle is the handshake of your house

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